Saturday, July 9, 2011

Free Prints!

I have always wondered while looking through home decor magazines, where do the designers get all of the wonderful art and prints they use?  I have searched the internet and they could certainly be had....for a price.  Well, that's not workin for me or my budget!  I have discovered a great wealth of FREE, yes I did say FREE art work!  You have to check out the New York Public Librarys Digital Gallery, it is filled with THOUSANDS of all works; botanical prints, play bills, old maps, vintage post cards etc.  The most exciting part is that if you are using the images for your personal use (say to decorate your bathroom:)), there is no charge!  What I like to do is save the image to a windows file, then you can open it and adjust the size and print on your home computer or take it to a pro.  I like to do it myself though!  Here are a few examples I found while browsing.  I am going to use the patriotic ones for a project and will post on that later.  I know you all will love exploring this site!

                                                       I just love the worn look of this.


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