Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thank You Boy Scouts!

I wanted to brag about some recent "yard" sale finds.  A local Boy Scout pack had a HUGE, Gigantic, Ginormous tent sale.... this bad boy was not to be missed!  I noticed a huge circus type tent go up in a grocery store parking lot on a Monday and could tell this was going to be a great sale.  I stopped by that Monday after work but it was not yet open, drats! A sign said they would be open Wednesday at 6, score!  I knew I would be there, so Wednesday comes and I am there at 5:30.....along with about 300 other people, drats! 

I really figured I would be the only one there!  I wish.

The horn sounded and off I went, I noticed I was woefully unprepared, I mean there were women there with bags and shopping carts to haul away there loot.  Oh well, my kids will just have to carry all my stuff:)

Here is my haul from the sale, in all I spent $25.00....not too shabby!

I scored two really great milk bottles, a glass bowl, a small Demijohn style bottle, basket, 2 wire baskets, a photo holder, and a large 2'x3' mirror not pictured.  I am planning on making the round wire basket into a pendant light.  I cannot wait to get started on it.  Will post the results.

Happy hunting out there!

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Heather said...

I miss cool cheap American garage sales. We have lots of European flea markets, but they just aren't the same.


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